Music Workshops: Be Creative with Guitars, Vocals, Percussion

The production offers to enhance Community music learning by targeting well-being through social interaction and self-expression in structured and creative music workshops.


Targeting well-being through social interaction and self-expression in structured creative music workshops. In two hours we will create, in a group performance, a composition using vocals, percussion and instruments. Participants will take home a video with studio quality audio of our final performance

Musical Skills Required: None

Facilitated by; Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, producer and music theorist. Ex-Lecturer Paul Mc Cartney College of Music. LIPA: UK. Director of Creative Guitar School, Melbourne

Extended  Information on Music Workshops

Outcome: To record a group composition on video and audio using body percussion, vocals, instruments, guitars if applicable, based on diatonic motif development.
Skills to be developed:

• Short and long memory
• Coordination
• Communication
• Team work

The benefits of our Creative Music Workshops. Participants will develop their understanding of artistic processes and contributions to the development of the aesthetic, cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. In other words, they will have a good time, they will create music, they will express themselves, and they will work in a team to a achieve a group outcome.

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