Melbourne Concerts

Concerts in Melbourne 2015 | Spanish Guitar |Thomas Lorenzo

Tomas Lorenzo Composer.

Concerts in Melbourne 2015 :Whispering Dreams.

“My dreams whisper to me  the words I like you . I awake and long to share the language of love to push away silent hatred, confusing frustration,  bitter anger  and welcome  warmth,  hope,  a future of caring in sweet love for all mankind.

Tomas Lorenzo , Composer. Spanish Guitar Frankston Live Concert, The Cube, 2014.


Thomas Lorenzo. Composer


Tomas Lorenzo Composer. LIve Fitzroy Town Hall

The  Wominjika Vocal Trio performing Bailas, Spanish Breeze ( Lorenzo )

 Concerts in Melbourne Wominjika Vocal trio, Tomas Lorenzo

 Tomas Lorenzo and the One World Choir performing Garraf ( lorenzo)


 Concerts in Melbourne,  Thomas Lorenzo,  One World Choir
Tomas Lorenzo, One World Choir

The Quartet

 Concerts in Melbourne,  Thomas Lorenzo quartet

Past Concerts

Concerts in Melbourne 2014. 

Memories de Barcelona Concerts in Melbourne,  Thomas Lorenzo,  Memories de Barcelona.


A Contemporary Musical Portrait of Barcelona

Minimalistic Contemplations in Flamenco, Jazz and Pop. 8 compositions that reflect upon values that bond our community.


Tomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars: Alphonso Johnson , Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star ), Dave Garfield( Benson)
Frank Di Sario: Bass ( Monash University)
Steve Falk: Percussion ( Melbourne Symphony)
Jordan Murray: Trombone ( Lecturer in Jazz Studies at Monash University)
Wominjika Vocal Quartet

The Composer
Tomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars: His latest CD Spanish Breeze has achieved top 30 in the USA World Music charts . He performs with Grammy award winner Alphonso Johnson , Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star ), Dave Garfield( Benson) and Walfredo Reyes ( Santana).

The Suite

  1. Sunset on the Garraf, (Post del Sol al Garraf)
  2. Treason and Courage ( Traició i Coratge)
  3. Children at Play , (El Riure de Nadons)
  4. Mediterranean Ripples and Kipples
  5. Sweetness with Rage: (Duclura amb Rabia)
  6. Buleria a les Rambles
  7. My Soul (LA meva Anima del Dimoni)
  8. Nostalgia
  9. Dance with me( Bailas)




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