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Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts 

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts  Thomas Lorenzo

Why is live music and concerts so important to you?

“I believe music should be the catalyst for communication of our deepest unfolds secrets. Common words may be disturbing to our conscience but music can portray beauty in all hidden thoughts and emotions.”

“We need all to come together in spaces appropriate to this creative sharing experience. These spaces should also encourage silence, allow space of thoughts and musical expression.”

The musicians, in this case flamenco guitar and bass,  should interact with this space and audience, make it shine, with all that can make us humans, be special and feel alive.

The audiences will take home  with them a refreshing feeling of satisfaction and the musician will at the end of the concert rejoice with the pleasure of having created a catalyst of these emotions.

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts

Do you prefer solo playing or ensembles?

Musicians tend to sound more powerful and music tends to be even more expressed when one or more come together on stage.

But this magic only occurs when musicians interact in a manner where their individuality is even more enhanced. Musicians should not adapt their performance to that of others, but be more a total individual with their performance; help others feel good about themselves by being by their side and musical agreeing to all what is said. The beauty of music is that of the beauty of love.

Come and join us at our next series of Melbourne concerts at the Armadale Uniting Church on the following dates.

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts 


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Melbourne Guitar Concert Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Guitar Concert Thomas Lorenzo

We have there weeks to go before we turn on the lights and march on stage for all of you.

July 28, 7pm

Armadale Uniting Church 86A Kooyong Rd, Armadale, VIC, 3143

Melbourne Guitar Concert Thomas Lorenzo

Purchase Tickets: $ 30 ( General)

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Ben Robertson will be my special guest performing on bass. I must state, that it is always, a more than pleasant surprise to jump into music with Ben, and share that creative torrent that comes alive in our playing. We will be performing, on Spanish guitar and Upright bass, some of my latest compositions from my recent album: Australian FlamenJazz at my Melbourne Guitar Concert Thomas Lorenzo.

Please listen to my guitar compositions here on sound cloud.


The concert tickets for this Melbourne Show can be purchased through this following link.

Flamen jazz is the name I give to all my new compositions that come alive as a consequence of living in Melbourne and in Spain. During the last year I have spent over 4 months in Spain touring and engaging with local Spanish music in the Pyrenees and in the northern part of Spain from where my parents are from.

Compositions as Triste, Libertad reflect upon this adventure through tradition and contemporary music.

Flamenco guitar is visceral music with empowering rhythms. Jazz represents freedom of melodic and harmonic variation. When I mix both ways of thinking about music, an explosion of creativity soars through my mind;  constant evolving harmony, melody, bass lines, counter lines just do not stop pouring out of my guitar.

This mixture of melodic richness and flamenco passion makes my guitar an explosive tool of emotions and colours.

Please join us for an evening of Celebrating music form the heart at these Melbourne Guitar Concerts.


Melbourne Guitar

Melbourne Guitar Upcoming Melbourne Guitar Shows

Thomas Lorenzo and Ben Robertson
Jazz and Flamenco
Celebrating Music from the Heart
March 8, 8 pm at Paris Cat Jazz Club, Melbourne CBD

Whitehorse Swing Pop Boom, Melbourne Guitar Shows

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz Guitar
Morack Public Golf Course
 Morack Rd & East Road, Vermont South VIC 3133
March 11  at 7 pm

Melbourne Guitar

Melbourne Fashion Festival with Deloitte

Thomas Lorenzo, Flamenco Jazz Guitar at the Melbourne Museum,
March 14 ,  7 pm,

Melbourne is a thriving cultural hub in Australia. I am happy to be part of the Melbourne Guitar Community, sharing with all of you my personal reflection of life through music.

I  wish to express my appraise to all Melbourne event planners, producers and music related companies.  You are a keystone that helps deliver the joy, of  our unique creative Melbourne musical talent, to this city and beyond.

 April, Spain Tour

In April,  I will be heading back to Spain to start my 2017 tour, that will take me through Barcelona, Madrid and northern Spain. Towards the end of the month, I will be locking myself up in Castellbi studios, in Barcelona,  to continue recording my new compositions, alongside Flamenco legends as Jose Motos.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

In July, I will start my yearly concert series at the Armadale Uniting Church. These concerts will be held  on the last Friday of each month, at 7 pm,  and starting October,  at 8 pm. The last Concert will be held in November.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

All Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School courses will commence the first week of May. Groups and private lessons are almost fully booked: Level 1 has thee openings, Level 2 has two openings and Level 4, one opening.

Please send an email for further info and to learn about the induction course held this coming week.

Music Theory Books

Libros de música, El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expressión Musical.  A text book written in the Spanish language, that focuses on aiding all  composers and arrangers, with tools to broaden the emotional impact of songs, arrangements, studio and live productions. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Flamenco Guitar for Sale

Flamenco Hermanos Conde guitar, 2007 for sale
Price  $7.300
I bought this guitar in Madrid, back in 2009. Since then, it has aged and matured through all these years of solid playing. I have just had it refurbished. It is in mint condition. Used professional guitars will sound much better that new guitars. Please check it out.

Melbourne Concerts Paris Cat Jazz Club

Melbourne Concerts Paris Cat Jazz Club

March 8 at 8:30 pm. Featuring Ben Robertson on Bass.

On March 8,  I will be performing a selection of jazz standards and my own compositions, here in Melbourne,  at the Paris Cat Jazz Club.

Melbourne Concerts Paris Cat Jazz Club


I dedicate this concert to the creative art jazz improvisation and to all those music lovers, who love to experience the beauty of free flowing musical ideas.


Jazz is a creative form of musical expression. The tunes we develop are generally tunes that we love, no matter what style we choose to interpret them.

Jazz is not a style. It is a form of expression where musicians take the melody and make it evolve, surrounded by an endless texture of flowing harmony and rhythm.

I enjoy this form of expression as the climax we can experience, by far, surpasses any other form of expression,that is rigid in its rules of, how we have to play.

Please join us for an evening of thriving emotions. Join the crowd of Melbourne Musical Adventure Seekers.

Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School

On March 11,  we will be holding our yearly Musical Barbecue. There are  8 groups of students ready to storm the stage and another 20,  ready to empty the fridges and the barbecue.

If you are a past student and would like to join us,  please send me an email and I will do my best to get you on stage.  Please do so before February 18.

I am scheduling new guitar courses to start on May 1. They will be held on weekday evenings from 6 till 9 pm. All guitar courses are 10 weeks in duration and focus on the guitar levels of learning,  specified on my site.

Flamenco Guitars for sale

I have received requests to place more flamenco guitars on sale on my website. Theses guitar, I choose to sell, are of my personal collection, which I renew every few years. They are aged and cured, and definitely sound much better than new guitars.

I will be travelling to Spain in a month and since I have quite a big collection from all my years in Spain, I will bring over a few more and put them up for sale. Please refer to my site for guitar offers.

Libros De Música.

“Libros de musica: El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical”. My book on arranging and orquestation can be bought on line at Amazon.

This book  allows students and professionals to further expand their creativity. The book is a collection of music theory tools, that may enhance all melodic and  harmonic textures that you create in your productions .

Melbourne Jazz Concerts Paris Cat March 8

Melbourne Jazz Concerts Paris Cat  March 8

Thomas Lorenzo and Ben Robertson
Live at the Paris Cat Jazz Club

Date: March 8. Doors open at 8 pm.
Tickets : $20 dollars. Online Sales
Location: 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9642 4711

“An ongoing wave of refreshing emotions that lead me into a trance of rhythm and melody. When I play with Ben my creativity soars and breaks boundaries I am not consciously aware of.” .( Thomas Lorenzo )

Come and share with us our musical encounter.Melbourne Jazz Concerts Paris Cat  March 8.

Melbourne Jazz Concerts Paris Cat March 8


We will be performing my originals and classic from: Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Bruno Martino, Charlie Parker and many more.

The artists

Thomas Lorenzo

Thomas Lorenzo is a world renowned and award-winning guitarist, composer and music educator.


Thomas has released five solo instrumental albums in contemporary Jazz, Blues and Flamenco styles. His latest release Spanish Breeze debuted at #36 on the Top 50 JazzWeek World Music Album Charts in 2010 and was #32 on the College Music Journal Jazz Chart. The album features Grammy nominee Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Grateful Dead) on Bass, Dave Garfield (George Benson) on Keys, and Walfredo Reyes (Santana) on Drums, and was produced by Grammy nominee Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr).

Today Thomas continues to be an active composer and performer, touring his album and playing regular jazz gigs and concerts

Ben Robertson

Award highlights include:

•Co-composer/arranger and performer in 2007 Bells award winning Album ‘Grace’

•best jazz vocal album 2007- Lisa Young Quartet

•APRA finalist nomination for most performed jazz work of 2007

•Jones/Gould/Robertson ‘Meditations on Love’

•ARIA Award nominee for Best Jazz Album,

•Jo Chindamo Trio, ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ 1999

Ben has performed in diverse situations with artists such as James Morrison, Tony Gould, Graeme Lyall, Don Burrows, Lee Konitz, Vince Jones, Barry Tuckwell and visiting artists Mark Murphy, Rudolf Josel, Ertha Kitt, American broadway diva Barbara Cook, UK diva Claire Martin, Lew Soloff, Don Rader, Warren Vache and Dane Hans Ulrik. Most recently he has documented work on CD with the group FGHR, the Lisa Young Quartet, Matt Kirsch, Tim Stevens trio, the Fiona Burnett trio, Tim Wilson trio, and vocalist Alison Wedding.



Melbourne Sydney Guitar News

For updates on all my latest Flamenco and jazz guitar releases please visit my artistic site through he highlighted link.

Guitar courses at my Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School have started this week. New courses will be starting mid April. Please sign up for updates on all upcoming courses and masterclasses.

El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical

My book on arranging and orchestration can be purchased through this link. The book is in the Spanish language under the category of Libros de música, arreglos y orquestación.

New Flamenco Jazz Guitar release Triste

New Flamenco Jazz Guitar release Triste

I am pleased to announce my new flamenco jazz guitar release: Triste.

New Flamenco Jazz Guitar release Triste

This composition reflects upon sadness and the aftermath. I believe that when you are able to express and share a feeling, the aftermath is that of emptiness, that will lead to joy.

During this coming year I will complete my  compendium of twelve single releases dedicated to the flamenco jazz guitar.  Please take  a peak at my New Flamenco Jazz Guitar releases that you may also enjoy through I tunes , Spotify and other digital online arrpegiators.


All my new compositions are a consequence of my new life as a musician in Australia. I wish to thank you all for supporting my live and recorded music, through all my Melbourne Concerts and events hosted by: ANZ, NAB, Acciona, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Springvale, RACV, Paris Cat, Armadale Uniting Church, 3mbs, PBS 106.7FM, SBS, Vic Bar and many more.

In also wish to thank all my supporting musicians as: Tamara Murphy on Bass, Darryn Farrugia on Drums, Ben Robertson on Bass,  Xanet Calbet on guitar, Bernardo Soler on Guitar and Angel Mellado on Vocals.

I am very happy to be part of the vibrant Melbourne art community. I invite you all to subscribe to my newsletter, to keep updated on all my Melbourne and Sydney music events and concerts.

Flamenco Guitar for sale

As promised, I have been able to hand pick in Spain, three of the finest  flamenco hand crafted guitars. I have just one flamenco guitar for sale left. The Eduardo Duran, 2011 from Granada Spain. Please feel free to reserve a time slot, to be able to audition the beauty of artisan hand crafted instruments.

Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School

Due to popular demand, I will  be extending my guitar music courses to Sydney in 2017. Please visit my site for updates on all guitar courses: prices, availability and location.

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Concert Insights. Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Concert Insights November 25, 8 pm.

Thomas Lorenzo: Guitar

Special Guests:

  • Angel Mellado on Vocals
  • Bernardo Soler on Nylon String Guitar

Location: Armadale Uniting Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Concert Insights November 25

On November 25 at 8 pm, I celebrated the last concert of the year 2016  held  in Melbourne,  Australia. Once again,  I must say thank you to all the music lovers that attended our concert.  We  truly felt your warmth and eagerness to enjoy a spring evening, with music as our common language.

I must also thank Angel Mellado and Bernardo Soler for their contribution to the success of the show.

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Concert Insights , The crowd

The repertoire

I had the great pleasure of performing a selection of tunes that have been recently released on iTunes. Please take a listen to them on my Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz cdbaby account.

  • Tico Tico no Fubà
  • Libertad
  • Yesterday

I also performed a selection of traditional Spanish folks songs and Flamenco as:  solea, buleria, alegrias and fandangos de huelva. Angel Mellado brilliantly executed  his own compositions based upon  Fandangos de Huelva and Alegrias.

Flamenco is a musical art form that gets out the passion in all of us. It is a reflection of Spain and a vehicle to express life in a social environment,  that definitely leaves both the audience and the performers,  just feeling plain good about being alive.

I truly  believe music is a gift we all treasure enormously. What would life be without this vehicle for love,  joy and excitement?  We should conclude, that the result , would be that of of life of emptiness.

I thank all  music lovers who engage in live performances . I  further, strongly urge you all to get out there ,  turn off your screens and enjoy the beauty of sincere live music .

Please take at peak at all my past Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Concert insights  and reviews.

Upcoming Melbourne  Concerts

For all those interested in my upcoming Melbourne concerts, please take a peak at the highlighted link.

Melbourne and  Sydney Creative Guitar School

My Melbourne and  Sydney Creative Guitar School will now be closing for Christmas holidays. We  will reopen the second week of January . We still have some spots left for courses levels 1 and 2.  Please send me a quick email to find out more .

Flamenco Guitar for Sale

Take a look at my new flamenco guitars that I handpick for you all and sell here in Australia.  At present I have one left: a magnificent hand crafted Flamenco Guitar from Granada, Spain, constructed,  by Eduardo Duran in 2011. You are all more than welcomed to stop by and try it out . It is the high end dream all guitarists should have.

El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical

Christmas is just around the corner so place your order. My book on: “arreglos y orquestación ” can only be found in the Spanish language. It  can be ordered as a hard copy, world wide, through Amazon distribution services . Please follow this link to learn  more about: libros de música, arreglos y orquestación.