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Spanish Music, Mediterranean, Flamenco, Musica Aragonesa, Asturiana and more. Articles that I write while I travel through Spain.

Spanish Music León, Aragón. La jota and the storks

Spanish Music León, Aragón


Spanish Music León, Aragón

My family’s hometown in Leon; Northern Spain.


My family home

Laciana is an isolated region that boomed during the 20th century coal mining era. Now days, it has lost its contemporary urban glamour but maintains the magnificence  of its nature and culture. 

Up high in its mountains, we can still find the cowboys of the highlands: ” The vaqueiros de alzada”; the last of the Spanish nomads. In summer, they bring up to high lands cattle and sheep, from water stricken areas, to graze in the green of the highland pastures. As a kid, I used to spend days up in the mountains following them around and enjoying their music.


Their folklore represents some of the most original and unique representation of  folklore from this valley, called Laciana


Music is a reflection of the human need to be part of something greater than oneself. No matter where I go in Spain, I succumb to the beauty of popular musical manifestation.

Spain is rich in culture and music

On my way back to Barcelona, from my family’s home town in Villaseca de Laciana,  I spent a  night in the wine region of La Rioja, in the small town of Alfaro.

The city of Alfaro is currently home to the largest urban white stork colony in the world, located in a single building, the Collegiate Church of San Miguel Arcángel; declared an Artistic Historical Monument.

Spanish Music León, Aragón


Year after year this colony grows, and they continue to build their enormous nests that can weigh more than 500 kg.  At present, the church and surrounding rooftops take on more than 120 nests and 500 storks in the breeding season.

Do storks make music? Not yet, but the locals do a great job with their music called la jota.

Spanish Music León, Aragón:The Aragonese Jota

Aragonese jota singer legend Pedro Nadal, known as El Royo del Rabal (“The Redhead from the Peasant’s Quarter”), as painted in 1881 by Carlos Larraz.

Spanish Music León, Aragón La jota


The Aragonese Jota is the best-known expression of Aragonese folklore.


Who knows; maybe the storks have something to do with this unique form of dancing.

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Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017


Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

En la Ribera del  Rio Duero .

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

An inspiring journey through Soria, Spain, on my 2017 guitar tour.  I arrived in Almazán on Good Friday, just in time to celebrate the Friday night Holy Week Procession.

Almazán, in its origin, was the a frontier city between the Christian  and Arab Iberian Kingdoms. Almazán, in arabic means fortified village.

This procession, that takes place on Good Friday, symbolises Christ’s Holy Burial.  It is organised by the :  ” Cofradía del Santo Entierro de nuestro señor Jesucristo”.

It was quite scary  to witness a child carrying a cross, but I am sure he participated with adoration to Jesus Christ.

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

Traditions in Spain endure beyond political chaos and internet. The most effective way to  face book life is to get together with old mates at the town square, and chat about life, until life makes a decision to end the conversation.

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

Overall, an inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017

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Melbourne Flamenco Dancer, Guitar| RACV Awards

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer, Guitar| RACV Awards

Owen Brokensha Memorial Dinner 201 Tuesday 14th April

Thomas Lorenzo, flamenco latin guitar from Barcelona Spain presents a unique authentic flamenco show at the RACV awards night on Tuesday 14th April . Accompanied by Melbourne flamenco dancer Caterina Pizzati, al baile, they show cased traditional flamenco as Bulerias, Alegrias and also staging Andalucian folk music as the Sevillana.

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer

Thomas Lorenzo is a unique versatile performer and composer in variety of contemporary styles of music as jazz,pop and rock. Please visit the home page for his next performances and his artistic site to listen to his compositions as the audience has gradually classified them by the emotion they generate . Flamenco guitar is his passion that derives from his mother country which is Spain.


Caterina Pizzati, a Melbourne local talent, a formidable flamenco dancer, bailaora, astonished the RACV club with a spectacular array of classical and contemporary flamenco movements. Flamenco invokes passion and beauty. It is rare to see such a brilliant performance of solo guitar and Bailaora

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer RACV

This combination with Thomas Lorenzo and Caterina Pizzati is both intimate and powerful.

Some quick facts on some of the numerous flamenco styles.

La Buleria

La Buleria is one of the most most popular and dramatic arts forms of the flamenco world which permits great freedom and improvisation. Harmonically it revolves around the flamenco phrygian sound as it´s tonal centre.

La Alegria

Alegria in Spanish means happiness. It is performed in major keys . It does not generally use the phrygian tonal centre. As a simple comparison the resulting harmonic structure and sound is closer to Celtic music than sounds that evoke Mediterranean cultures . What makes it flamenco is the rhythm and the chosen form of melodic expression.

La Sevillana

Folk music and dance of Seville and its region in the south of Spain.