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Melbourne Music Events

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Melbourne Jazz Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Jazz Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Jazz Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Join us for an evening of unforgettable musical sensations.   A three way conversation between Thomas Lorenzo, Flamenco Guitar, Ben Robertson, Bass and Darryn Farrugia on Drums. You will definitely jump into the musical groove where flamenco caresses funk and jazz.

 I thoroughly enjoy our visceral, dynamic shifts in tempo, and pulsating jazz grooves.  As a guitarist,  I love to float on top of Darryn’s bouncy ongoing rhythm,  and create constant textures with sound and harmony.

Come and share this evening with us: Melbourne Jazz  Guitar Concerts, Thomas Lorenzo,  June 28. Doors open at 8 pm at the Paris Cat Jazz Club.


Libros de Música

Orchestration is a fundamental tool for all types of composers. My orchestration book, El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical, is one of the few available in the Spanish Language. You may purchase the book through the Amazon site.

The book is served by amazon and  is printed on demand.  Amazon is definitely the cheapest method to purchase this book, libros de música, in North or South America, Asia, Oceania and Europe .

Beautifully crafted classical and flamenco guitars for sale

Hermanos Conde 2007: $4800

This guitar is one of the  masterpieces of my flamenco guitar collection. It represents the famed Conde sound. The Conde  guitar dynasty was founded in Madrid by Domingo Esteso in 1915. Esteso trained his nephews Faustino , Mariano Conde,  and Julio Conde  which continued with the traditions.

This  Flamenco Classical guitar for sale is a must for all professional guitarists who wish to have the authentic sharp attack flamenco sound.

Thomas Lorenzo, Session Guitarist  Hire a Session Guitarist – Studio Quality Guitar Tracks

Get custom flamenco guitar tracks through online collaboration.

Enhance in a melodic manner your songs  and groove. Your vocals , words and message  will definitely stand out more and earn your deserved social merit. Send me an email with  your project and I will share with you my flamenco guitar ideas.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

The Melbourne Creative Guitar School is  organising this terms guitar concerts, which we will celebrate in 4 weeks time. All past guitar students that wish to showcase their guitar compositions,  please contact me as soon as possible.  I need to organise the rehearsal and stage time for the show. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. Thank you all for your marvellous music.












Melbourne Concert events news

Melbourne Concert  events news

It has been an exciting month here in Melbourne, since my arrival back from my tour in Spain. I am very happy to announce my guest appearance on The Katering Show, Get Krack!n’ ABC TV.

Get Cracking Melbourne Concert events news

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are the stars of this new series. The Kates gained a huge following when their satirical cooking YouTube series, The Katering Show, premiered in 2015, notching up millions of views. Stay tuned to find out more about when the show, and my guest appearance, will be aired on ABC TV.

New Flamenco Jazz Guitar Release

I am also very happy to announce the release of the 7th track, Dos Gardenias,  of my 2017 album; Australian FlamenJazz:

You may download all tracks either on iTunes or enjoy an exciting afternoon through Spotify.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

The Melbourne Creative Guitar School and its social club,  will be organising, for all our guitar students here in Melbourne, a musical weekend retreat.

We will cover topics as psychology of learning , guitar talk on pushing boundaries, guitar styles, techniques and much more. All students and groups will showcase their current work. Join us for a weekend full of music with people who live life through the beauty of creativity.

New courses are opening up on Thursdays in June, for levels 1 and 2. Please send me an email for more information on course content, times and availability.

 Upcoming Melbourne Concerts 

I would like to invite you all to my next major Melbourne Concert, to be held at Paris Cat Jazz Club on June 24 at 8 p.m.

Join us for an ongoing wave of refreshing emotions that will lead into a trance of rhythm and harmonious melodies. Come and celebrate with us music from the heart.

Flamenco Guitars for sale

I invite you all to experience an artisan creation where the sound will encompass you with a rainbow of surprising harmonics. As mentioned in previous posts,  I have on sale some of my guitars from my private collection. Book an appointment and enjoy a Hermano  Conde,  Ramirez or  Eduardo Duran flamenco guitars for sale.




Melbourne Acoustic World Music

Melbourne Acoustic World Music

I have just finished recording a very inspiring composition for the Saudi Arabian Student Community in Melbourne. They composed this song as a tribute to all teachers.

melbourne acoustic world music

I laid down the guitars after the talented Oud player, Sam, laid down the structure. Please listen to the song and hear how we play the  rhythm in binary and tertiary subdivisions simultaneously. You can tap your foot feeling the beat in groups of 4 or 3. I have found this type of rhythmic layering common to some African, Flamenco and Afghan Music;  also found in South American music; where African culture was not forbidden consequence of the appaling slave trade. That would be, surprisingly enough, in all Catholic related invading countries as Spain and Portugal.

How to play chords

Another characteristic of the music is the way chords are defined. The Oud layers out the harmony by creating melodic lines that define harmonic tension. Music is a beautiful language that unites all creeds and nations. All the planet shares the same beauty we have created for our daily self balance and enjoyment of life.


Melbourne concerts

At present, I am currently in Spain touring and enjoying the company of my enormous extended family. You can access my full Melbourne concerts and events schedule through this highlighted link. I have scheduled the next series of Melbourne Acoustic World Music  concerts, to start in June 2017.

Flamenco guitars for sale

I have been collecting flamenco guitar masterpieces during the last  39 years of my professional career. Whenever I come across a rare guitar, with an overwhelming sound, I buy it. I buy it without considering who the guitar maker is; I buy it because it feels good and sounds just near perfect.

Part  of my collection is on sale through the following  link: flamenco guitars for sale. 

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

I am commencing all my Melbourne Sydney Guitar courses on May 4. I am really looking forward to start this new adventure;  in every course I get bombarded with great vibe and creativity by all students.

Libros de Música

Whenever I play the guitar, I consider myself to be an arranger . My text book on arranging and orchestration is a toolbox of ideas that can guide guitarists to be more creative in their playing. Theses ideas will help your creative output explode with each new note you write, compose or play. You may purchase this book through this  link: libros de música arreglos y orquestación.

New World Guitar Music

Exciting times. Exciting New World Guitar Music

I am feeling very excited about all my recent new world guitar music releases and upcoming new releases. When I perform them, I just love  their flow of  groove, harmonic textures, acoustic and electric guitar sounds, the contrast between traditional and contemporary settings and the underlining fabrics of constant creativity.

All in all,  my new guitar music represents what I love to share with you: My joy of life and understanding of what brings us all together.  I believe it can be great fun to bond with others. I enjoy bonding through this magnificent language called music,  this gift bestowed upon us.

Please enjoy my new release and stay tuned for my upcoming releases. Please purchase, and contribute to the celebration of music from the heart.

Upcoming Events Melbourne Concerts

At present I am echoing only two of my major Melbourne events, as I will be flying back to Barcelona, Spain,  in April for my Spanish spring tour.

  • On March 8 at  8pm,  I will be performing at the Melbourne Paris Cat Jazz Club. Ben Robertson will accompany me on bass. Show starts at 8pm.
  • On March 9 at 7 pm, I will be performing for the Whitehorse City Council. Swing Pop Boom Moonlight Movie Night, Morak Golf Course, Vermont South, Vic 3133.


Libros de Música.

EL Arreglo Un  Puzzle de Expresión Musical. In each post,  I like to echo the availability of my text book in the Spanish language on Arranging and Orchestration. The primary focus of this “libros de música” is to create awareness in all musicians about the creative explosion that can come alive in your music, when you have control of the tools that create emotional impact. These tools have to be fully understood  in a logical and emotional manner. The book is available for purchase and download.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

Due to the high demand of students,  new courses have opened up on Thursdays at 6 pm.  I am also accepting submissions for all upcoming new courses that are scheduled to commence in May 2017.  Guitar courses are 10 weeks in duration and are focused upon completion of the levels. You may learn about the six guitar levels at my Sydney Melbourne  Creative Guitar School website.

Corporate Clients

Melbourne Live World Music

Melbourne Live World Music

Melbourne is a vibrant cultural hub in Australia. I feel at home amongst its musical cultural diversity.

I believe cultural diversity not also relates to ethnic backgrounds, but to the consequence  of interactions amongst them. Hence the result is a new cultural expression that is a reflection of diversity. A  hidden treasure amongst us all.

When  I perform jazz or flamenco guitar in Australia, I love to express all that diversity with which I am surrounded and make it part of my own way of life. I base my  jazz idiom upon improvisation  but the approach to improvisation will drastically differ, melodically or rhythmically, depending on the style in which I am immersed: Latin, blues, afro, flamenco, Brazilian.

I applaud music lovers, in Melbourne, that accept in a natural manner, that our music is an extension of our diversity.

Please join us on March 8 , 8pm at the Paris Cat Jazz club. Celebrating Music from the heart.


Music News

Please stay tuned for my new Flamenco Jazz guitar single ,that will be released during the following week. I base the composition based upon Spanish Traditional Music but express it  in a fresh contemporary rhythmic musical setting.

Melbourne Live World Music

This  flamenco jazz guitar composition is one of the twelve  I will be completing by the end of the year 2017. Take a peak through the highlighted link.

Flamenco Guitars for Sale

I am happy to announce that I have just sold my Flamenco guitar Eduard Duran. The good news is that I will be travelling to Spain in a  few weeks. I still have three artisan guitars, bought back in the 90s. I will bring them over and place on sale on my website.

Melbourne Sydney Music Guitar Courses

All school  guitar courses are currently booked. We will be announcing new groups for all those  Guitar lovers who wish to explore their creative side through this marvellous instrument. If you would like more information please send me a line.

Libros de Música, Arreglos y Orquestación

You may purchase my text book through this highlighted link. This text book is only in the Spanish language and is a must for all orchestrators of contemporary musical idioms.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New  Year.


Happy New Year

I personally wish for a year full of musical adventures,  a rollercoaster  ride of exploading emotions.  I would like to invite you, to share this ride, with me and all my musical friends, who adore the sensation of beauty that sincere music arouses in us.

Music colours my life and shines all darkness. I wonder what is music for you.  Do you like to be surrounded by others in comfort and warmth? I know I do, and good music helps this happen.

Thank you all for coming to all my Melbourne concerts and events held in the year 2016.  Your smiles and applauses have definitely made the hard work worth it.

Thomas Loreno

Spain and Barcelona

I have spent many years of my life in Barcelona, Spain. 38 years to be exact. In Spain, we are passionate about beliefs, even if we are wrong. Passion ignites the need to feel alive. It is a must in our daily lives.  Flamenco is a form of musical expresión that helps me bring meaning to live.

Please take a peak at my new releases composed and arranged during my stay in the Pyrenees in 2016.


Stay tuned for the full collection of 12 tracks that I will slowly release during the year 2017 .

Melbourne Sydney Concerts

I will be expanding , during the year 2017, my regular concerts to Sydney.  Please sign up to my newsletter to receive updates on all Melbourne, Sydney concerts and events.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

On January 14th I will be commencing  2017 courses at my Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School. There are 5 slots left for Tuesday and Wednesday groups sessions.  If you wish to explore your creative mind and the guitar, please give me a call on 0448348701.

Flamenco Guitar for Sale.

Eduardo Duran 2011. Eduardo Duran 2011. Flamenco Guitar for sale from Granada. Spain

RRP: 7010   My price: $5999

Regular postage included  ONLY FOR AUSTRALIA: METROPOLITAN AREASpastedGraphic.png

Top: German Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Fingerboard: Ebony
Varnish: Shellac
Scale: 657mm
Pegbox: Runner

Call to schedule a private audition.