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Uplifting Melbourne Flamenco Latin Music

My Spanish adventure in Australia.  Read about performances, shows, corporate events, weddings and Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar Music.

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Flamenco Latin Guitar Party Mix

Flamenco Latin Guitar Party Mix

Hotel California , Nel blu dipinto di blu, (Volare), Flor de Luna (Santana), The Way You Make Me Feel  (Michael Jackson), Volando Voy  (Kiko Veneno) and many more.

Listen to this classic crunchy collection of foot stomping groove, seasoned with a Mediterranean Hot Sauce of Flamenco Latin guitar.

This is my selection of songs that I perform at festivals and events to get the crowd going. The Spanish guitar can be the star of an intimate evening and also the catalyst of interactive happy gatherings.

Flamenco Latin Guitar Party Mix

Melbourne flamenco Latin guitar jazz concerts

I’m looking forward to my next concert at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne. This concert is on June 28, 2017, at 8.30 p.m.  Please join us for an evening of interlocking grooves, pulsating with the melodic and harmonic textures of jazz and flamenco.

Guest artists

  • Ben Robertson ( Bass)
  • Darryn Farrugia (Drums )

Doors open at 8 p.m.



Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar Jazz concerts Tickets

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

Once again our School is hosting : the  Creative Guitar School Social Club gathering.  On July 8,  all students will get together, share some lunch and jump onto the stage in duos, trios and quartets, therefore they will  deliver to all of us their unique creative talent.  Please join us at the Armadale Uniting Church, on July 8, 2017,  from 11 to 2 p.m.


Flamenco Guitars for Sale

Eduardo Durán  Flamenco guitar for sale $8,800

This guitar can reproduce an extreme dynamic range therefore it extends the limits of dynamics in piano and forte settings. It projects remarkably with excellence in all registers; an exceptional handcrafted artistic guitar that will contribute and enhance your unique array of expression.

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Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz

Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz

On March 14, I had the pleasure of performing at the Melbourne Museum, for the Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz.

Deloitte hosted an event showcasing upcoming Melbourne fashion talent. You may see in the pictures this creative visual art. Most noteworthy, I was pleased to have the Mannequins witness my flamenco guitar performance in silence and glamour.

Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz'

I wish to say thank you to Deloitte and the Melbourne Museum staff for making this Melbourne concert most memorable.

Art is defiantly a soothing element in our daily drives. Furthermore clothing design can be art, and the combination of what we choose to wear, one of our daily personal joys.

The fashion industry feeds on our hunger of looking good and sometimes looking alike. Most of all, creative art designers allow us to feel unique.

Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz'


Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

I will start  my yearly 2017 Melbourne concert series in July. This year I will be showcasing Australian talent as Matthew Fagan on  guitar, and World music performers as Farod Bashir. Please sign up for our newsletter, furthermore to receive updates on all major events and concerts in Melbourne, and abroad in 2017.

Pro Session Guitarists for hire 

I feel great joy in contributing to music productions where the guitar is a prominent feature.  The guitar is a lyrical and harmonic instrument. Especially relevant is that the Spanish guitar can be a stand alone orchestra. Its rhythmic character and harmonic density,  will pinpoint the desired emotion you need to portray in your music.  Please take a a peak at all my guitar music productions.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Lessons

I welcome you all to our new Melbourne Creative Guitar social club. Please use the below links to get access to the social media pages. Like and follow the Social Club Facebook page and Instagram account, so you can actively participate in the club.

Creative guitar social club Facebook page: o ignored

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Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert

Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert

Last Wednesday, October 19, I performed at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, in Melbourne. I had the pleasure of performing alongside two of my favourite Melbourne jazz musicians:

Tamara Murphy on bass and Darryn Farrugia on drums.

Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert

I must thank all those music enthusiasts who came to our Paris Cat Flamenco jazz concert . I sincerely thank you for listening, and allowing us to share our emotions with you.

During the evening we performed a selection of my own compositions from my albums as: El Deseo, Mi Alma and Spanish Breeze. I also had the opportunity to showcase my new release, which you can hear below.

As always, at the Paris Cat Jazz club I like to perform in the jazz idiom, standards and blues, but with an acoustic Spanish guitar. In the past, I have always  struggled, to play the Spanish guitar with drums, but recently I have purchased a vintage artisan Spanish guitar, Ramirez, built in1962.

This guitar can project with clarity in all registers and dynamic , there fore it can be heard without the need of much amplification, when drums are played a relatively loud volumes.

I must also thank the Paris Cat crew and managers, for supporting live music in Melbourne, and therefore helping shape this city, as a vibrant cultural hub of the southern hemisphere.

Corporate cocktail function for the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria

On this same day, October 19, I also had the pleasure of performing for the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria. I encountered a a happy crowd of lawyers, barristers and judges eager to enjoy themselves with Spanish music. Thank you all for having me over.

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Melbourne Spring Concert Schedule

Melbourne Spring Concert Schedule

I will be soon leaving the Pyrenees in Spain and heading back to Melbourne. It has been a very creative month of September.

I will be performing new compositions based upon flamenco jazz and the Catalan culture. at all my recitals back  in Melbourne

If you would to keep updated on all my latest compositions please visit:

I am eager to get back to Melbourne and start once again sharing my music with all guitar music lovers.

Here is part of my Melbourne Spring Concert Schedule

Thomas Lorenzo Trio: Conversations

  • Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars
  • Darryn Farrugia: Drums
  • Tamara Murphy: Upright Bass
  • Date : Wednesday,  October 19 , 8.30 pm

Where: Melbourne, Paris Cat Jazz Club, 6 Goldie Place,  Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Tickets: $20

Melbourne Spring Concert Schedule

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz 

Date: Wednesday,  October 19 , 5.39 pm
Where: Commercial Bar Association of Victoria,
525 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000  

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz

Date: Wednesday,  October 19 , 8.30 pm
Where: Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

Purchase Tickets:
$ 25 ( General)

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz 

Dates: 16, 23, 30 October,  6 November at 1 pm
Shop 18 Harbour Plaza, Thompson Road
Patterson Lakes VIC 3197Service:

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz

Date: Friday, 23 December at 2 pm
Where: Whitehorse Civic Centre,
379-397 Whitehorse Road
Nunawading VIC 3131

There are many more ahead to be shared with you.

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New  group guitar courses will be starting October 17 and 18.


National Art Gallery Victoria concerts

National Art Gallery Victoria concerts and more.

This coming Thursday, August 18,  I will be performing flamenco and jazz guitar, at the National Gallery of Victoria. It is a private event organised by the Spanish company called Acciona.

I feel excited about this performance. It is hosted by a major Spanish company, which I applaud, for extending its influence into this part of the world.

National Art Gallery Victoria concerts

Also this coming Thursday before the previous event, I will also be performing for a very special event, at the NAB, on 500 Bourke street in Melbourne. Once again, I am delighted to have my music chosen to colour an afternoon of joy and social gathering.

Sadly, I must say that since these events are private, I do feel frustrated not been able to share with you all my flamenco and jazz guitar. However, if you wish to celebrate, with me, music from the heart and a touch of Spain, please join me on August 26, at 7 pm at the Armadale Uniting Church for a very special evening. You may purchase  Melbourne Concert tickets through this link.

Tamara Murphy will accompany me on bass. I will be interpreting my own very special compositions and a small selection of music from Spain.

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New releases

I have also been busy composing new flamenco, jazz and word music guitar compositions.

National Art Gallery Victoria concerts

You may  preview and download them on itunes. Please feel free to visit my flamenco and jazz guitar page. 

Take a peak and if you decide to download, this will make me even happier.

I hope to see you all very soon at my events and concerts.

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Madame Brussels Lane live music performances

Madame Brussels Lane live music performances

Three shows down and two to go at the Madame Brussels Lane in Melbourne CBD. The occasion is the celebration of the annual European Night Market. Taking place every Friday night from 22 July till12 August.

Madame Brussels lane thomas lorenzo

Last Friday night we had a nice crowd of over 2000 music and food lovers. Unfortunately,  when I play I tend not to be hungry, as music does fill me up. However, I did see freshly baked pretzels, paella, German sausages, mulled wine and much more. The mere mention of these words remind me of the aromas and make me hungry.

Madame Brussels lane thomas lorenzo guitar Madame Brussels lane thomas lorenzo

The Madame Brussels Lane performances are only some of the shows that I will be holding this month of September in Melbourne. My major Melbourne concert will be held on 26 of August at 7 pm, at the Armadale Uniting Church. Here we a have a short video of the music I will embrace you with.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts And Events

Tamara Murphy will be appearing as special guest on upright bass.

Please follow these links to read up on past concerts, and Melbourne concerts reviews.

Upcoming 2016 Melbourne concerts

The style of music is Flamenco and Jazz guitar. Be part of an exceptional night. Please join us in a celebration of music from the heart.

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My music book on arranging and orchestration  should be published in the year 2017. At present, it is only found in the Spanish language. Please follow this link to learn more about it: Libros de Música. El Arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical.

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Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event

Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event

Melbourne Concert 2015. Flamenco and Jazz Guitar. Thomas Lorenzo

On the 3rd of December, 2015, I performed at the Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event for the City of Greater Dandenong.

Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event

I felt very proud to share this social acknowledgement with all those volunteer organizations that contribute to the culture, vibrancy and social health the City of Greater Dandenong.  It just feels great to be part of a community where residents of different cultures, religions and nationalities come together to help each other and make our country a better place.

I performed, on my Spanish and nylon string guitar, a selection of my own compositions and flamenco. This was my personal gift to all these wonderful people that use their time in an altruistic manner, feeling the joy of making someone out there feel better about their lives. I wish to thank the Greater Dandenong Volunteer Resources Service for inviting me to participate in the Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event awards night.

Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event Thomas Lorenzo

Volunteer opportunities exist with local charities, libraries, art galleries, community services, sporting clubs, council facilities and attractions, non-profit organizations and more.

Music,  guitar and live concerts do help all of us come together and share special moments of our lives. Music adds the warmth needed to our existence .  It colors daily life with joy helping us endure all hardships that come along.

Live concerts in Dandenong, Melbourne and Victoria contribute to   a healthy way of life  I wish to thank all those individuals and organization that support live music, or better said support life.

Melbourne Guitar concerts: Jazz and flamenco

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