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Melbourne Flamenco Dancer, Guitar| RACV Awards

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer, Guitar| RACV Awards

Owen Brokensha Memorial Dinner 201 Tuesday 14th April

Thomas Lorenzo, flamenco latin guitar from Barcelona Spain presents a unique authentic flamenco show at the RACV awards night on Tuesday 14th April . Accompanied by Melbourne flamenco dancer Caterina Pizzati, al baile, they show cased traditional flamenco as Bulerias, Alegrias and also staging Andalucian folk music as the Sevillana.

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer

Thomas Lorenzo is a unique versatile performer and composer in variety of contemporary styles of music as jazz,pop and rock. Please visit the home page for his next performances and his artistic site to listen to his compositions as the audience has gradually classified them by the emotion they generate . Flamenco guitar is his passion that derives from his mother country which is Spain.


Caterina Pizzati, a Melbourne local talent, a formidable flamenco dancer, bailaora, astonished the RACV club with a spectacular array of classical and contemporary flamenco movements. Flamenco invokes passion and beauty. It is rare to see such a brilliant performance of solo guitar and Bailaora

Melbourne Flamenco Dancer RACV

This combination with Thomas Lorenzo and Caterina Pizzati is both intimate and powerful.

Some quick facts on some of the numerous flamenco styles.

La Buleria

La Buleria is one of the most most popular and dramatic arts forms of the flamenco world which permits great freedom and improvisation. Harmonically it revolves around the flamenco phrygian sound as it´s tonal centre.

La Alegria

Alegria in Spanish means happiness. It is performed in major keys . It does not generally use the phrygian tonal centre. As a simple comparison the resulting harmonic structure and sound is closer to Celtic music than sounds that evoke Mediterranean cultures . What makes it flamenco is the rhythm and the chosen form of melodic expression.

La Sevillana

Folk music and dance of Seville and its region in the south of Spain.

Songful. Melbourne Acoustic Duo. Be Romantic . Covers and more.

Songful. Melbourne Acoustic Duo. Artist Insights

Creative Crunchy Revival. Soul Jazz Pop Blues and More

Please listen on itunes to our latest published tracks.


SongFul , our acoustic duo represents a unique creative artistic expression through songs , good music, that has created a vital imprint in all or lives.

Songful reinterprets classics bringing them to life where the listener can join the journey and enjoy a refreshing live performance.

Christina, shares her insights on our Acoustic Duo.

What do you enjoy most of performing in a small band ?

“Full large cover bands are great and are ideal to get the crowd dancing but there’s something I personally like about performances that involve just a guitar and vocals. Our artistic virtues really shine . Thomas demonstrates great creativity and virtuosity in his playing supporting my vocal lines in a manner where I can let go and feel the music that has inspired me through out my life. This is the real music experience I have always wished to be involved with. “

 Songful supplies unique entertainment  for your special and unique events.

Call us for a free quote on 0448348701. I would love to hear from you.  Please supply us with information on time, date, length of performance required, venue ( private, public, indoor , outdoor), number of guests ( to determine sound amplification  requirements), and distance to Melbourne CBD


Melbourne Acoustic Music. Cover Bands

Dreamland Music , covers bands, live bands, music production and more

Songful. Melbourne Acoustic Duo . Live Band

Thomas Lorenzo, Spanish Electric Guitar

Christina de Mundo. Guitar and Vocals.

Creative Crunchy Revival . Artist Insights

3 top  reasons why do you like to perform Carole Kings  tracks live and reinterpret them into your own unique expression.?

  1.  I have a lot of respect for Carole King an artist who has been writing hit after hit not only for herself but a whole heap of artists spanning over 50 years. She co-wrote a lot of her biggest hits with her husband.
  2. She was a songwriter for many years before she became the artist proving her  art to be  consequence of craftmans ship and not sheer luck.
  3. My favorite Carole King song would have to be Been To Canaan which we cover in our Melbourne acoustic duo. Her songs  suit Spanish guitar perfectly and is right up my alley vocally. The emotion she exudes in this song, the lyrics, the melancholic piano.. It gets me every time.

Melbourne Acoustic Duo. Cover Bands for hire

Melbourne Acoustic Duo. Cover Bands for hire

Are we a cover band ?

Songful is an Acoustic duo, a live band for hire in Melbourne  that engages in creativity and uniqueness with music composed by others.

We do not imitate. we innovate, create and revive feelings with music composed by others.

Creative Crunchy Revival.


Artist Insights by Christina del Mundo. Vocals. Songful Melbourne Cover Band


“I have a lot of respect for Carole King. To be honest, I don’t LOVE her music and her vocals, as distinct as they are, aren’t the best but you’ve to take your hat off to someone who has been writing hit after hit not only for herself but a whole heap of artists spanning over 50 years. Will You Love Me Tomorrow. I’m Into Something Good. Natural Woman. You’ve Got A Friend. Jazzman. It’s Too Late. All timeless classics. All Carole King. Well, she co-wrote a lot of her biggest hits with her husband but still, they all came from her genius. Amazing really. What’s even more amazing about her story is how she was the songwriter for many years before she became the artist, the face, when she was in her 30s. My favourite Carole King song would have to be Been To Canaan which we cover in our Melbourne acoustic duo. This one suits Spanish guitar perfectly and is right up my alley vocally. The emotion she exudes in this song, the lyrics, the melancholic piano.. It gets me every time.”



Contact: DreamLand Music . Events and Entertainment


630 Toorak Road


Songful (Feeling Good). Creative Crunchy Revival

Songful (Feeling Good). Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Songful , my acoustic duo with guitar and vocals fulfils the need in my life of extraordinary passionate music.

Generally I perform with my Spanish Guitar as a composer where I explore part of my ancestry with sounds, rhythms, encompassing waves of pure joy reminiscent of the beauty of my Mediterranean culture. But as citizen of this planet, I feel there are other spaces and feelings to portray with music.

Our urban culture reflection of quick pacing technological advancements and human  adaptations have inspired new forms of expression as pop, rock, jazz, funk. These styles of music are groovy and unique where both music and lyrics enlighten us with creativity and sincere human expression.

As a musician, a human being expressing emotions, I realised I needed to express my urban inner side of life not only through flamenco but with pop, jazz, funk and soul.

That is why I have created Songful. An acoustic live duo, a powerful band with vocals, spanish and electric guitar that rediscovers, in all of us, all those first powerful emotions of love, hate, hope, and friendship that where tattooed in our soul with music. When we hear it again it awakens memories and contributes to a positive feeling of present joy.

Through Songful, acoustic duo, I also explore sounds and rhythms that have made the electric guitar become a vital, prominent instrument in our contemporary live music.

I work with a selection of Melbourne top vocalists. Swissy, Leah Zilberman, Fran O´Neil, to deliver to the audience a powerful mix of well-known contemporary music that has influenced our lives.


International award winning Vocalist, Christina del Mundo.

Best Pop at the Avima 2009, #1 MTV Weekly Countdown 2007, Signed Artist: Terno Recordings,

  • Just like her latest release, the album was oozing with a unique charm and sound ” ,,

  • “Top charismatic, jazzy, pop-folk….. ”


Book Now. Call us for a quote on 0448348701

For further reading follow the link to Melbourne Wedding duos , acoustic music.

Good Cover Bands and More.

Good Cover Bands and More.

The mission of Dreamland Music is to develop music that portrays Australian Urban Culture. Our country has a pool of great talent constantly seeking opportunities for their music.  Leah Zilberman is our new talent showcase of the month from the Melbourne live music band scene and an example for what good cover bands should sound like.

good cover bandsOur audiences love original music but also love to sing and dance along songs they know at their special events such as wedding ceremonies, receptions and private parties.

Leah combines both worlds into her engaging, intimate but powerful performance with creativity and unique self expression applied to tunes we all love and know.

Leah delivers her show in an acoustic duo format of vocals, electric and acoustic guitar. She has come together with Thomas Lorenzo, producer, composer and guitarist. The following remarkable tracks are pouring out of our studio at present and create a solid portrait of good cover bands in Melbourne.

Take a peak and listen:

The Acoustic Intimate Groove Duo
Leah Zilberman: Vocals.Thomas Lorenzo: Electric Guitar

The way you make me feel. Written and composed by Micheal Jackson

The Acoustic Intimate Cover band and more

Leah Zilberman: Vocals.Thomas Lorenzo: Electric Guitar
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You is a 1967 single by Frankie Valli

A wedding ceremony initiative performed live in Melbourne 2014.

Did you know the song can be heard in the soundtracks: Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), Coneheads (1993) and  The Deer Hunter (1978),

Our production company strongly believes that our audiences deserve good cover bands with a creative unique, touch and personality.

Another classic cover with an acoustic touch in guitar and vocals.

Acoustic Wedding Music

Leah Zilberman: Vocals.Thomas Lorenzo: Electric Guitar

“I Got You (I Feel Good)” is a song by James Brown. Recorded and released a in 1965, his highest charting song and most widely known recording.

Did you know it appeared in films: The Nutty Professor, Good Morning, Vietnam, Home Alone 4, Mr. Jones,  Dr. Dolittle, and  Astérix & Obélix:


Leah Zilbeman: Acoustic Duo, Guitar and Vocals.

A 3 hour call for weddings parties and functions.

Starting from 875 dollars.

Please feel free to give us a call on 0448348701 and let us know about your special event, wedding ceremony, reception or party. We would love to give you a detailed quote and propose the most adequate repertoire for you.


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Acoustic wedding music, guitar and vocals. Ceremony Musicians

Acoustic Wedding Music

Dreamland Music specializes in delivering unique, creative, acoustic wedding music, an acoustic duo interpreting songs we all know and love from different styles and eras .

“We believe that the wedding is the most beautiful day of our lives, and music should reflect that beauty in our hearts and the warmth we all feel as a big family on such a special occasion. Special events such as corporate events also deserve that imprint to make the occasion memorable. When music stands out with passion and emotion, our hearts shine with joy.”

Our acoustic cover bands reinterpret our favorite tunes with a special creative twist reviving the first feelings that stirred up inside us.

Please follow these links. Listen and enjoy our cover bands in Melbourne for acoustic wedding music .

 Songful , Sweet emotions, Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Acoustic wedding music, guitar and vocals






Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar

Acoustic wedding music, spanish guitar and vocals





Call us for a free quote on 0448348701. We would love to hear from you. Please supply us with information on time, date, length of performance required, venue (private, public, indoor, outdoor), number of guests (to determine sound amplification requirements), and distance to Melbourne CBD.

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