Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts 

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts  Thomas Lorenzo

Why is live music and concerts so important to you?

“I believe music should be the catalyst for communication of our deepest unfolds secrets. Common words may be disturbing to our conscience but music can portray beauty in all hidden thoughts and emotions.”

“We need all to come together in spaces appropriate to this creative sharing experience. These spaces should also encourage silence, allow space of thoughts and musical expression.”

The musicians, in this case flamenco guitar and bass,  should interact with this space and audience, make it shine, with all that can make us humans, be special and feel alive.

The audiences will take home  with them a refreshing feeling of satisfaction and the musician will at the end of the concert rejoice with the pleasure of having created a catalyst of these emotions.

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts

Do you prefer solo playing or ensembles?

Musicians tend to sound more powerful and music tends to be even more expressed when one or more come together on stage.

But this magic only occurs when musicians interact in a manner where their individuality is even more enhanced. Musicians should not adapt their performance to that of others, but be more a total individual with their performance; help others feel good about themselves by being by their side and musical agreeing to all what is said. The beauty of music is that of the beauty of love.

Come and join us at our next series of Melbourne concerts at the Armadale Uniting Church on the following dates.

Artists Insights Melbourne Concerts 


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